About Us

Paws Pet Doors was started by David Osmond in 2007, marketing traditional Pet Doors in the Brisbane market.

David and his wife Gina, emigrated here from Mount Maunganui,  New Zealand in 2005 to be with their three children who had moved across to start a new life in Australia previously.

David has always run his own business, marketing blinds and curtains in New Zealand among other jobs and upon arriving in Brisbane took up the supply and installation of wardrobes then later the Pet Door business.

He has always been an innovative and adventurous character and has developed all manner of products designed to make life easier as well as support the environment and give practical and cost effective results for the consumer.

After seeing the issues involved in the installation of the Pet Doors, including the need to carry out intrusive work on doors and glass panels, which in many cases prevented people renting properties from enjoying the benefits of a Pet Door, David started working on an idea to design a door that would suit the rental market.

Consequently, he has come up with a simple, cost effective and attractive product, which allows the installation of a Pet Door, without any intrusive work that means tenants as well as owners can have a solution that works.

Paws Pet Doors is now marketing this product in Brisbane and regional Queensland and will soon expand its reach to the rest of Australia.

David continues to work on new products, the next being a security grill for the garage door which allows fresh air to circulate day and night through the garage and into the house whilst maintaining maximum security. This and other products will soon be available through this website

David has been joined by John Richards in marketing the Pet Doors. John has had extensive experience in marketing nationally, catering for the household market.