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“Paws Pet Doors – Inserts and Sizes Information”


The Paws Pet Door Inserts are designed to provide you with an efficient, cost effective and user friendly method of solving the issue of access to your home for your pet/s

These inserts/panels are made from security strength aluminium extrusions, similar to that used in your current security door. They come in three sizes, small, medium and large. Special sizes can be made by request.

These panels can also be used with double sliding security screens with no extra cost or fitting involved.

They are hinged to allow for maximising the door opening, keeping it at the same as prior to having the panel fitted.

We offer three types of panel inserts, being:

  • Security Grill & Fly Mesh
  • Perspex (for glass patio doors & glass sliding doors)
  • Stainless Steel  Security Grill & Fly Mesh

Stainless Steel  Security Grill Panels are available as a special order with price on application.

The Insert frames come in seven standard colours (black, white, clear, brown, bronze, primrose and stone beige), the grill colour is black only.


Sizes Panel Width Panel Height
Small 33.0cm 2040cm
Medium 36.5cm 2040cm
Large 40.0cm 2040cm

All inserts/panels are 2040 cm in height (or 2.04 metres high). If your door height happens to be more than 2040 cm we will supply an insert to secure the panel. If this is the case, leave a note in the comment box provided prior to check out, or give us a call at 1300 505 613

Pet Door Flaps

Flaps Within your Patio Door Inserts – The pet flaps are made of polyplex perspex. You will find them extremely durable to wear and tear of continued use.  The flaps are also magnetized and easily lockable. Flaps come in three sizes: (check our pooch guide below to match up your dog size to the flap size required).

Flap Width
Flap Height
19.0cm 24.0cm
22.5cm 30.5cm
26.5cm 40.0cm


To Order

All you need to order is the height (inside) of the door channel, what side the pet door insert is to be hinged (looking from inside the house), the colour, to suit the colour of your present door plus the size (small, medium or large).

THEN CHOOSE THE PANEL THAT MOST SUITS YOUR NEEDS In the event you have any doubts pick up the phone and give us a call on 1300 505 613


Sizes and Installation of Paws Pet Doors Patio Inserts